Give it up

As reported by Linoge, Say Uncle, and Sebastian the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence let their domain registration lapse.

It’s time for these guys to give it up. In any other business when times get really rough and the market for your product is shrinking there is a lot of consolidation and some organizations just close up shop. I’ve been there and done that and so have a lot of other people I know. There comes a time when there just aren’t enough people buying your product and you need to move on. How many buggy whip manufactures are there in existence today?

Remember the Bell Campaign? The “Million Mom March” took over that. Then the MMM merged with the Brady Campaign. Now the Brady Campaign race horse is about ready for the glue factory.

The CSGV? They were long past their prime before their senility went public. It’s time for them to give it up. If they think they must continue to sell their unwanted product they should go talk to the Brady Campaign and see if they have any job openings. Maybe the Brady’s still have a horse or two that will respond to the CSGV buggy whip.


4 thoughts on “Give it up

  1. Westfield Whip Co., Westfield, MA; The last manufacturer in the U.S. Though the market is small, it’s not quite gone. Same for the CSGV and the rest. They will be marginalized, but they will linger in one form or another for some time to come. Be vigilant.

  2. How much of a fringe have the anti-rights cultists become? Well, consider the vote in the Wisconsin Senate on concealed carry. This is a traditionally leftist state, the birthplace of the Progressive movement and a union stronghold. The last Republican candidate for President who carried the state was Reagan in his 49-state landslide in 1984. The state has been in upheaval, with the Democrats openly allying with Communist groups and taking to the streets against the budget reforms of Republican Governor Scott Walker, calling him and his fellow Republicans Nazis and threatening them with violence. The Senate Democrats actually fled the state in a futile attempt to defeat Walker’s budget, earning them the name “fleabaggers.” Yet in this state of far-left-inspired chaos, the anti-rights extremists could only get eight of fourteen ofthe fleabaggers to vote against a pro-gun reform. Six of these Communist-allied Democrat senators voted the pro-gun line.

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