They just don’t get it

This is from an Australian reporter who attended the NRA Convention:

NRA defies hopes for gun control in America

ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: After the deadly shooting in Tucson, Arizona earlier this year which claimed six lives and injured a congresswoman, gun control advocates were convinced they’d have some weight behind their argument for tighter gun laws in the United States, and they say the US president is finally speaking up.
But there appears to be little tangible change to the gun culture in America. If anything, one of the most formidable political lobby groups, the National Rifle Association, appears to be more confident that it’s winning the fight against gun control.

LISA MILLAR: But while the enthusiasts keep turning up here and at the polling booths, it may be that the hopes of gun control advocates proof elusive yet again.

If it were convention for gay rights would they use words like, “The hopes of homophobes and gay bashers prove elusive yet again.”?

How can they not see their own bias and bigotry?


2 thoughts on “They just don’t get it

  1. “How can they not see their own bias and bigotry?”

    How can they? They are secure in their own biases, having been educated indoctrinated from birth to parrot the left wing anti-gun line.

    Why think when you can simply repeat your dogma? Since everyone that matters already agrees with you, you never have to actually think at all!

  2. Visit New Zealand, its right next door, and plenty of folks there like their firearms…

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