Quote of the day—Erica@ATF

I want to take a nap just from listening to you talk.

May 2, 2011
[Erica@ATF showed up at my house at 8:44 this morning. That was 16 minutes early and I wasn’t quite ready for her but it worked out okay. We went out to the Boomershoot site and she did her measurements of steel thicknesses and distances to houses and roads. The only deficiency she asked me to correct was the insect screen on a vent (which I told her about before we got to the magazine and the unpainted steel bolts poking into the “Meadow One” (original at the tree line). The repair of the insect screen will take about five minutes to fix and I told her I would just remove the old magazine since we don’t really use it anyway.

As to the nap comment above at first I thought she was saying I was boring but then she said something about all the things I had been doing for Boomershoot and still had to get done before I could drive back to the Seattle area this evening.

Yes. Boomershoot sucks up a lot of time. The last several days I would wake at 4:00 AM get then finally give up on going back to sleep at 6:00 AM and work until roughly 5:00 PM. Then socialize with the staff and Boomershooters until late. I would finally get to bed about 11:00 PM to start all over again.

It was worth it. I’ll link to some of the blog posts others have been making in a day or three. Making people happy and Brady Campaign creatures unhappy makes me happy.—Joe]


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  1. I have a suggestion for next year @ cleanup for the tree line.
    A few of those broad plastic leaf rakes would help out for the chewed up containers, I think it might go faster to rake it all up into piles.

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