My Time with the Lady

This looks like an interesting play:

From 1987 to 1992, Richardson worked on and off as a cashier, janitor, doorman and occasional bouncer at Seattle’s Lusty Lady peepshow. It was the dream job for a young man from Walla Walla who received the education of a lifetime, becoming familiar with the inner workings of an adult establishment and the people who worked on its stages and behind the scenes. During those years Richardson watched the Lady change, as First Avenue evolved from a seedy waterfront district known as “Flesh Avenue” into an upscale yuppie stretch of condos, restaurants and large art institutions.

Richardson blends comedy, pathos and business analysis in a series of stories that explore the sometimes seamy but always fascinating world of The Lusty Lady, creating a portrait as brash, lively and unusual as the Lady’s infamous marquee.

I’m sure Barb and I walked past this establishment many times. They closed in 2010 when “the Lusty Lady ran out of steam and succumbed to a one-two punch of recession and free Internet porn.”

Maybe Barb and I will have time to go see the play soon.