The Liberty Pole—June, 1999

I was cleaning out the garage (I’m a terrible packrat, just ask son James) and ran across some stuff that I thought might be of interest to other gun rights advocates. This is the first of what I hope to be many items.

What inspired this was as was making the “save” or “throw” decision was an article titled “What I Have Learned From the Twentieth Century”. I have referenced this in blog posts before (here, here, and here). What I didn’t realize was that this set of lessons was written by Mike Vanderboegh and first published in the June 1999 issue of The Liberty Pole. The Liberty Pole was the official publication of the The Lawyer’s Second Amendment Society, Inc. The organization no longer exists but you can find their archived website via the WaybackMachine. The archive has a few of the articles but not all of them.

I was just going to scan pages 1 and 4 which have the Vanderboegh article but there are other articles of interest as well so I scanned the entire issue.

Keep in mind that these were dark, dark time for gun rights advocates. Predictions of the future were correspondingly dark and ominous. My QOTD for tomorrow will give you a hint.

The images below are just barely readable but if you click on them you will get full sized version that are easily read.





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  1. Oh very cool. Thank you for this.

    I especially like the Chuck Michel ad. Truly that was a lonely specialization for an attorney back then. Not so now!

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