About 20 hours ago I posted a video on YouTube in response to the Tucson shooting and those advocating a restriction on magazine capacity. Since then it has been viewed over 400 times. This is an average of slightly over 20 views per hour.

On January 10th, two days ago, the Brady Campaign posted “Brady President Paul Helmke’s thoughts on the Tucson Shooting” on YouTube. In the approximately 48 hours it has been up it has been viewed 51 times, one of those views being mine. This is an average view rate of slightly over one view per hour.

Do the math Paul. You are no longer relevant when I can get people to view my facts and opinions at a rate 20 times that of yours while advocating a position directly opposed to your agenda.


12 thoughts on “Relevance

  1. Oh Joe. It’s cuz you’re hot. You’re the Boomershoot guy. You have a lot of groupies. Poor Paul probably doesn’t have a single groupie. 51 people reached his video by mistake.

    On the other hand, if Justin Bieber had done your video, I’d bet the view count would be upwards of a million by now — so don’t let your head get too big! 🙂

  2. While I haven’t seen that one I have watched a BUNCH of Brady videos and posted several on my blog as blog-fodder and looking inside the mind of bigots.

    I would say your observation, plus say observing the comment section on Paul’s Fellow board member Joan Peterson’s blog, you’ll note that there are 2-3 pro gun voices there, and countless pro-gun voices.

    Same goes for other anti-rights blogs that I won’t mention by name. Seems its the same 2-3 people.

    Essentially Anti-Second Amendment sentiment has no real support anymore.

    Even Ubu can’t produce a friend to add to the discussion.

  3. I’ve even posted your reloading video to the FB page of NYAGV in response to their linking to a VPC screed about Glock 19s

    Unlike the Bradys they tolerate respectful dissent, and will even engage a bit.

  4. ubu; there you go again. Joe wasn’t growing his head. He was saying (I’ll break this down very carefully for you) was; “Even little old me – just one of millions of individual bloggers as opposed to a supposedly national political lobbying group which has been featured many times in national media…even I am generating more interest than the Bradys.”

    And that’s the rub isn’t it? It’s also why, as we speak, the left is plotting to find ways to influence (distort) the internet search results, or to otherwise suppress political speech they dislike. It’s why there’s been an attempt to associate the recent notorious shooting murders with conservatism itself, when it was, if anything political, just the opposite.

    The Brady Campaign is in the final phases of descending into irrelevance. We’re going to help that descent along in any way we can, and then rub it in, not to inflate ourselves personally, but to support the American Principles of Liberty that the Bradys oppose.

    I figured you’d have to chime in and try to make this about something else. Ignore and redirect. That’s all you have. It’s a tactic of desperation. It’s really all that the Left has ever had. Sometimes it works, but not here. Not as long as we have unfettered communication as intended by this nation’s Founders (how that must anger you).

  5. “Oh Joe. It’s cuz you’re hot. You’re the Boomershoot guy.”

    That’s one advantage that gun-banning folk will never have. You can’t convince people to ban guns by inviting them to safely shoot a variety of guns. Indeed, this is something that gun-totin’ folk use to demystify guns, and win converts–and certainly, adding explosives to the mix takes things a degree further than that!

  6. ubu52,

    If you think “the boomershoot guy” is so hot then why don’t you show up for a visit for the next event on May 1st? If you want I’ll give you the behind the scenes media treatment. And if you want to submit the ATF paperwork (and you are approved) you can even make some explosives.

    But don’t think you can get away with changing the subject. The only thing hot in that video was the barrel of my gun and the ejected brass. My hands may be able to do some amazing things to the female body but that wasn’t on display in the video.

    As a side note, there was this one piece of hot brass that landed in my open inside the waistband holster. It was funnelled directly down my pant leg. There were no burns but it was a bit warmer than what is comfortable.

  7. And most if not all the people watching his video are pro-gun people who want to speak there mind. But can’t since they don’t allow ratings or comments.

  8. Lyle’s post is just loaded with sexual innuendo.

    “Joe wasn’t growing his head.” (Big head or little head?)
    “And that’s the rub isn’t it?”
    “and then rub it in, not to inflate ourselves personally”

    I’m sure everyone here knows what it takes to lick inflation, and it surely sucks to be hard-headed about anything.

    I’m waiting for someone to photoshop Joe’s head with Justin Bieber’s hair. 🙂

    And then Joe brings up “hot __ass.” Ahem.

    Okay, he said “hot brass” but I’m going blind and it looked like “hot ass” to me.

  9. I seem to recall that the phrase “that’s the rub” is derived from the phrase “Aye, there’s the rub!” when Hamlet was contemplating suicide. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t associate sex with suicide. (I know some people do, so perhaps you’re expecting Lyle to as well.)

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