Quote of the day—Barbara Scott

Is he gay?

Barbara Scott
December 4, 2010
In response to Robert Fargo saying I was “devilishly handsome”.
[I think the answer is probably no. But there are some guys out there that publically say the have “a man crush” on me. And Barb claims I have groupies of both genders.

Somewhat related is the story of the woman that offered me sex for a position at Boomershoot for her husband. What is interesting is that Barb sort of predicted it before it happened. Spoiler alert,, in part because I haven’t told Barb the story yet—she ended up acquiring the position just like everyone else and paying for the position with a credit card.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Barbara Scott

  1. Miles,

    If she wants to identify herself then she can do that herself. To the best of my knowledge she will not be attending Boomershoot 2011. Her husband will be. He is in one of the positions already taken.


    I’ll explain later when I post the entire story but there was talk of “cash left on my dresser”. The credit card transaction made for easier verification by the spousal unit.


    She just said she wanted a “good position”. I’m pretty sure the exact position was up to me.

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