More chalk dispenser video

Our favorite chalk dispenser designers and builders have done some more tests. Here is the video:

In behind the scenes email it appears we will get a Version 3 unit for test with Boomerite by New Years Day. I plan to cut the charge in half, down to 100 grams, and see if that gives us sufficient lift for the chalk.

I also plan to modify the first unit by removing the containment box in the back and just put a specially constructed (chalk inside the target) 7” target a few inches behind the metal plate with the hole in it. I think this will work just as well and will only be a slightly more work in the field and much simpler to construct.


11 thoughts on “More chalk dispenser video

  1. I would suggest also when testing the modified dispenser to use the 7 inch targets, miss on purpose a couple times and ensure the target remains standing. If you strike the steel and then the target falls down that would ruin your day.

    Let me know when you’re planning on heading out. I’ll try and wake up early enough to just hitch a ride out there.

  2. Just to let everyone know we can take constructive feedback . . version 3 is round . . but for the record, square is easier to weld and i already had a bunch of the square tube…

  3. Try making the container that holds the boomerite an asymmetric trapezoid so it’s shaped straight up and down in the front and is slanted upwards and backwards in the rear. That will put far less pressure on that back plate while still allowing it to blow out the chalk.

  4. “square is easier to weld”

    The photos of the last one looked like a mold? It was welded?

  5. Molded? Molded steel? What are you talking about? Do you mean “cast”? If so then you need to look up the properties of cast iron and try again.

  6. Chalk-colored “smoke” is cool and all, but I can shoot at cubes of chalk with a .22LR at home. How about filling the top with napalm and adding an ignition source? But then there is that niggling problem of brush fires up on the hillside…..

  7. Why not just use some sort of one time use container instead of a reusable one that seems to be damaged so often?

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