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  1. Apple exists on the spectrum of freedom as “most restrictive” for end users. MS products are generally in between Apple and Linux in terms of “freedom”. The best thing about MS is that it truly is an industry driver, that both Apple and Linux tend to follow.

    However, since they all use the same hardware now, it really is a pick your poison option. Microsoft should leak a windows phone 7 OS that uses the Bootlace loader for jailbroken iPhones just to rub it in Apples face…

    Just saying. Showing that MS offers a superior OS that can exist across multiple hardware platforms may draw more people away from the endless cycle of iPhone upgrades.

  2. “The best thing about MS is that it truly is an industry driver, that both Apple and Linux tend to follow.”

    Citation required, because the last 25 years of computing seems to indicate otherwise.

  3. Just asking, because this is intriguing: Are you suggesting a simple causation in which order, Mac first or sexual orientation first?

    Cuz it just might explain a lot about either, or both.

  4. mikee,

    I’m suggesting some people may find the fake poster to be funny. Nothing more.


    I’m think it means you run MacOS on PC hardware. But if you happen to know of a specific instance of this correlation being true post the details and I’ll make sure it gets added into my database. 🙂

  5. I think it might just mean you’re a cheap bastard that doesn’t like paying 2000 dollars for 1000 dollar hardware 🙂 But I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  6. Most computational chemists are mac people, mostly because they frequently find themselves trying to interface with both Windows and Linux stuff–it’s sort of the not-so-happy (ok, most love it. I have to admit the user environment is pretty) medium position. I love the new Intel machines b/c we can now double/triple boot them. Also I love puTTY. Cygwin is problematic b/c it takes up multiple Gb of space (it’s quite easy to accumulate Tb of data) & it’s hard to tell what I actually need to install & what I don’t. What I would really like is native ssh support in Windows. PowerShell has come a long way, but my primary complaint is that (even with adding ssh capability, which is a rather involved process) I can login but text editors such as vi (which I use all the time) don’t work for s(tuff).

    Sexuality-wise, I can only say that I recently came out as a straight man. As for the rest of the field, I can’t say…it’s mostly unmarried men, though.

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