5 thoughts on “33 megajoule rail gun—Mach 7

  1. And the Timex still…. …Oh. Stopped? Smoldering? Fused into a solid mass? Dang.

    I’ll bet it makes one’s fillings ratle.

  2. Agreed; and think, a standard practice with DC-link capacitor banks is to connect them with a sandwich of copper plates, separated by a THIN insulator, to deal with the inductance of the bus bar — a massive short circuit if ever the insulating sheet (or any of the connecting hardware) fails.

    Did you notice, during the shot, it looked like one of the output coils failed, dumping a bunch of sparks on the floor? Wow…kind of expected the input cables to jump apart too from the magnetic flux…

  3. DO WANT.

    The great thing about firepower is this, if it isn’t doing what you want, you just need to use MORE.

  4. Ever read the Venus Equilateral yarns? Particularly the one with the super-dielectric fluid that let them gin up a capacitor with many many farads…

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