Crimson Trace for the SIG 238

Today the new PR guy, Iain Harrison, at Crimson Trace sent me an email and a draft news release about their new product–the LG-492 Laserguard for SIG’s compact 238:


Iain also said, “I shot it for beta testing on Saturday & it should be released for sale on the 27th,”

Crimson Trace makes a quality product. I have one on my Gun Blog 45 and my Ruger Mark II (Crimson Trace gave that to me for my performance in a shoot house competition at the Gun Blogger Summer Camp at Blackwater.a couple years ago). I don’t have a laser on my carry gun but whenever I have a new shooter to take to the range I find the laser to be a great teaching aid.


3 thoughts on “Crimson Trace for the SIG 238

  1. +1 on the teaching aid. I put a CT grip on one of my CZ75s for that purpose, adjusted 5″ low and 5″ right. Using 9″ paper plates for beginner targets I expect to see the dot on the cardboard backer just off the plate at 5 o’clock if they have a proper sight picture. If they’re focused on the front sight they won’t even notice the red dot. If however, holes begin appearing high left they’ve stopped using the sights and are using the dot; time to step in and reinforce sight usage. The dot is quite visible except in direct bright sunlight. Such a great tool I bought one for my carry 1911 and backup 340, and plan on getting one for one of my Model 10 student revolvers. Incidentally, when the target moves out to 30 ft, hot-gluing a pool chalk cube to the center of the plate provides an aiming point and rewards the beginner with a nice blue cloud when they get it exactly right.

  2. And I have to wonder how much it costs compared to the gun. It probably costs more than the gun itself.

    I have seen the stuff they have for AR’s but I’m not paying $500 at minimum for what is in essence a glorified lazer pointer.

  3. I’m a big fan of sig sauer…and, I’m not gonna lie, not least b/c some guy broke into my car while my brothers & I were hiking at Mt. Rainier. They made off with a buncha stuff, incl. my brother’s laptop, but the (LE) park ranger who took our case was young, enthusiastic, & carried a Sig on his hip–it looked like either a P226 or P228. Against all odds he managed to get 1 guy in custody & a warrant for another guy. Due to the logical part of my brain I know it wasn’t really the gun, & his success had nothing to do with his choice of piece, but since then I’ve gained a certain affection for that gun. It’s totally irrational, & I’m sure it’s related to that tendency of people to blame the object for the sins & weaknesses of its owner, but I can’t quite shake it. Indeed, I used to be something of an anti (although not nearly so rabid as some)–can you tell?

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