Decades of legal silence

From Portland Oregon:

The mayor said the new laws break nearly two decades of what he termed “legal silence” and “legislative silence” on gun control laws to help reduce homicides and assaults in the city.

Adams noted that 4 out of 10 homicides in the city are committed with guns.

He says “legal and legislative silence” as if it were a bad thing. What if he were talking about blacks/Jews/homosexuals instead of gun ownership? The mayor should be politically skewered for this infringement just as severely as if he had pushed through laws aimed specifically at people with different colored skin who happened to commit some high percentage of the homicides.

Good intentions are not sufficient reason to infringe upon a specific enumerated right.


4 thoughts on “Decades of legal silence

  1. It is interesting that nationwide approx 66% of homicides are with firearms, it appears Portland is well below the average

  2. The new laws violate the state preemption law, Sam’s been told this but pressed ahead anyway.

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