4 thoughts on “Before I visit New Jersey again

  1. Geez…the guy did nothing and is sitting in prison yet we have millions of criminals on the street doing no jail time or getting out on probation. Never seems right to me. It is a good lesson to all of us to make sure we know the gun laws when visiting a different state.

  2. Too much government. Wow the impact of state law. Hollow point bullets and pistol magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are illegal in New Jersey. He was legal in Colorado. I’m legal in Missouri. Drive across the NJ state line, BOOM! felony and 7 years in prison. See, guns are dangerous (OK what they can do to you because of gun laws is dangerous.)

  3. “Too much government”

    Yep, and corrupt government at that (though one does tend to follow the other). The magazine cap is 15 rounds, however.

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