‘I Disagree With The Fact That…’

I hear this one a lot– The word “fact” being used interchangeably with “wild assertion” or “opinion” etc.  It’s become quite common.  I would add it to my “Left Speak” dictionary except that it’s being used this way by people who should know better.  Maybe it’s one of the rare Left Speak redefinitions, or retardations, that have actually succeeded in that it’s been widely adopted.

“I disagree with the fact that…” is saying you disagree with something while acknowledging it as fact, which is simply another way of saying you’re crazy.

This might be the entry; Fact: Wild assertion or lie.  Example: “I disagree with your facts.”

No matter how the entry is worded, it doesn’t work, mostly because the “facts” the communist is disagreeing with are often facts in the original meaning of the word.  Maybe I should let it lie.  The leftist is saying he’s insane, so that works out OK so long as the rest of us know the definition of “fact”.

The problem, as usual in Left Speak, is that it becomes impossible to impart knowledge from one generation or era to another.  Many young people today, and some not so young, upon reading that this or that is a fact, will take it to mean that it is an opinion.  The example I like to use is; “Upon finishing the meal, my family and I had much gay intercourse over the dinner table.”  In the 19th century, that would be universally taken to mean we all engaged in cheerful conversation.  Today it would be taken quite differently.  When the language breaks down, there is no history.  That’s why I try to avoid using “regulated” when I mean “restricted”, for example.  They’re not interchangeable, any more than facts are with wishes or opinions.


5 thoughts on “‘I Disagree With The Fact That…’

  1. Good points Joe. My boys are 10 and 12 and I still read them bedtime stories, mostly from old books, which often use the word “gay,’ in its old usage. I always read “happy” instead.

    I guess I need to explain to them how “gay” is used today compared to howit was used in the past.

  2. People have to learn the proper meanings of words, else they will be very confused when reading texts from the early 20th century and older. Singing “Deck The Halls” this Christmas season, what will kids think about the lyrics; “Don we now our gay apparel…”? Same goes for the rest of the language, slowly but surely being retarded and redefined by the Left.

  3. It’s not just that our language is being retarded and redefined by the Left. Living languages always morph, and they usually morph for innocent reasons.

  4. Lyle

    Got any good examples of people/blog posts actually saying “I disagree with your facts.”?

  5. I do know that, even with engineers, “facts” is used as a synonym for “data” frequently. So they would say “I disagree with your facts”, when they really mean “I disagree with your interpretation of your data”.

    Or, more accurately, “I think you are twisting the ever living shit out of those numbers to make them fit your case.”

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