Helping them blow a fuse

I would just like to point out that the anti-gun bigots get all fired up, sputter, and generally blow a fuse and end up changing the subject when confronted with the most innocent of things. A case in point is this picture (available for sale here):


It reminds me of the racists who get all bent out of shape if they see a black man holding hands or expressing affection with a white woman.

What’s the problem with these people? Oh yeah, I remember now. They are bigots.


8 thoughts on “Helping them blow a fuse

  1. So I was reading the comments on the second blog post from japete you linked to… What was much more obvious than bigotry was just plain old hypocrisy mixed with a large dose of being unreasonable.

    One minute she’s going on about how horrible the tragedies involving children and firearms are, starts pushing trigger locks and safe storage. Then someone mentions teaching children gun safety in school, possibly with the Eddie Eagle program, and she flips.

    Accidents and other tragedies are bad, but apparently teaching children how to avoid those situations is worse… color me confused. My typically logical line of thought is having trouble wrapping itself around how someone can actually think like that.

    Of course, I don’t really mind that they do. It’s just one more thing that places us one more step ahead of them.

  2. Bigotry is stubborningly refusing to change your mind about something. Usually in spite of evidence contrary to your opinion. Hence “a large dose of being unreasonable” can be considered bigotry.

  3. Maybe this shirt is better:

    What is most frustrating is her censorship. After she accused me of “not being in school for a while” I posted that Both my parents are teachers, and I have 2 children myself.
    I went on to say that Guns are no more controversial than sex-ed, and that starts as young as 3rd grade now.
    I then pointed out that she says kids handling guns is a problem, then a clear solution is for kids to understand the consequences of mishandling guns…. Nope.
    She blocked the comment, I was not vulgar, I was not rude, just pointed out the above facts.

    Censorship is a scary thing, It makes me wonder what goes on in someone’s mind who thinks they’re right, and ignores facts.

  4. Joe, Now you need to come up with one Boomershoot related. Guns and Explosives, on a baby, at the SAME time, their head would go ballistic. I would suspect they would remain in permanent orbit.

    As for that particular design, I love it, especially if you give it to a boy. Now the term gun becomes a double entendre and also helps spread the idea of Dr Joe’s cure. Besides it was Dr. Joe’s cure that produced the kid in the first place right!?

  5. One must have to lead a pretty sad, hate-filled life to fly that far off the handle over a gorramed not-even-toddler outfit.

    MNbasecamp – the best response to censorship used to be, “I am sorry that your beliefs are so weak as to not survive mine being expressed,” however, the Intertubes have given us a better answer: due to Japete’s censorship and bigotry, Sean D. Sorrentino (a longtime pro-rights commenter at a lot of gunblogs around the ‘verse) started up his own gunblog, in order to ensure that his deleted comments actually managed to see the light of day. Now, rather than have those comments in the appropriate area on her webpage, where they would rank lower on search engine results, she now has to come to terms with a whole new blog levying against her, in a fashion that she can no longer control.

    Censorship is, indeed, scary, and says a lot about the person doing it, but this time… this time it not only worked quite well for us, it turned out to be damned amusing in the process.

  6. I saw that discussion the other day and don’t remember seeing anything about censorship, I don’t even think it qualified for “bent out of shape.”

    Some of us think your ideas are sick and far-from-innocent therefore the absurd juxtaposition of your gun philosophy on an infant, that most innocent of creatures, is sick. That’s all.

    And, Joe, why don’t you try your own definition of “bigotry” on for size. I’ll bet it fits perfectly.

  7. I saw that discussion the other day and don’t remember seeing anything about censorship…

    That could be because Japete deleted all the comments she did not like, and you never saw them.

    Just like she insists on deleting all of my attempts at commenting regarding the “Second Amendment remedies” post, and it now dishonestly looks like I never responded back. In point of fact I did, she just keeps moderating those responses out of existance. No worries, though – she cannot moderate my weblog.

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