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Anyone who tries to tell me about the virtues of things being “natural” had better be wearing their birthday suit if they don’t want to be mocked. 


7 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. I would like to point out Joe, Dr. Joe’s Cure All is an all natural remedy, and I’d say it’s quite beneficial. Are you saying there’s non-natural ways to the same conclusion (that are still just as fun)?

    I know what you’re complaining about though, it ticks me off just as much as you. At least a couple times daily I do a face palm because of someone saying something stupid centered around “All Natural”. I just felt this an opportune time to remind people of that wonderful all natural remedy!


  2. Hey! I wear my Birthday suit 24/7! I just choose to put clothes and shoes over it most of the day.

  3. I really want to see the “non-natural” products the “all natural” folks are complaining about. I have yet to see any product for sale that was not produced from material found right here on earth, rather than from some parallel dimension or spiritual realm.

    Maybe it is just the Chemist in me, but I look at iphones, high test gasoline, and granola as equally natural, in that they are each neither supernatural nor imaginary.

  4. And they better eat meat! One Vegetarian got all emo on LJ because people sent her jokes about vegetarians. She asked “Why do people get so down on Vegetarians?”

    I answered: “Because you’re wrong! Just look at your teeth!”

    Of course I also conceded that my steak-and-a-salad diet is equally as apocryphal as our ancestors (and the people who were selected for the mouth and digestive track we have today) likely ate large quantities of meat when they could get it, and then subsisted on a vegetarian supplemented with small amounts of meat (likely rodents and bugs) between hunts.

  5. Variation on Alpheus: friend once said “X is all-natural, so what could be wrong with it?”
    Me: “So is cyanide, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.”

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