Gun cartoon of the day

Yes. There have been some school shootings. And seeing a scene such as the one depicted would be adequate justification for concern. The guns should be properly cased for transport.

What is lost on most people is the school shooting incident data before and after schools were made “gun free zones”.


1 thought on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. According to some hoplophobes, the Second Amendment only applies to muzzle-loaded single-shot flint-lock rifles and pistols. (I say single-shot, because I was amazed to learn that the first revolvers were “muzzle-loading” in that you had to load each cylinder with powder and ball before shooting it.) If we go by “The Times It Was Written”, we’d also have to add that anyone could carry these weapons, because there was no-one checking for the age, or the identity, of the weapons-bearer.

    Thus, according to hoplophobes, this kid would be all right if he had these weapons instead.

    And before anyone says “but how many people could a kid shoot with just a single-shot muzzle-loader?”, I’ll just point out that, given a pair of kids (like in Columbine), each with a muzzle loader, and some practice, one could shoot while the other re-loads…and if there’s no one to stop them with another weapon, there isn’t much that can be done about that!

    And if there’s a lone shooter with black powder: if that kid could find a good sniper position, will it matter that he only gets one shot at a time?

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