Hard times for Gun Guys

I had noticed there wasn’t much activity on the Gun Guys web site but I hadn’t really put things together. Stephen did:

For some time blogging at gunguys.com has rarely been more than a repost of
something someone at another group wrote up with little commentary, and recently
the blogging frequency has dropped to once a week or so. Now … their last post
(at least as of Thursday night) was about SCOTUS nominee Kagan, and is two weeks

And he notes this from the Gun Guys web site:

About Us

Mission: GunGuys seeks to inform, engage and persuade fellow
Americans to change the way we look at guns, and gun culture.

GunGuys.com is a completely independent and unaffiliated news website and
blog that focuses on all aspects of the gun issue, including politics and
analysis, policies and culture, shootings and violence, the gun lobby and gun
industry, extremism and terrorism, advocacy and campaigns, rhetoric and
messaging, as well as humor and satire.

History: From 2006 to Feb. 2010, GunGuys.com was managed by
the Freedom States Alliance (FSA), a non-profit organization working to reduce
gun violence in America. FSA dissolved on Feb. 23, 2010, and merged with States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

Since that time GunGuys.com is now an independent and unaffiliated blog. All
opinions, analysis, comments, posts, editorials, videos, images and articles
reflect only the views of GunGuys.com and do not represent the positions
of any organization, group, cause or campaign

GunGuys.com is no longer a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Emphasis in the original.


I still think he should be charged with violation of 18 USC 241. But until that becomes politically feasible having him scurry back under the rock he came from is an acceptable alternative.


1 thought on “Hard times for Gun Guys

  1. Ok, I have to admit, this just kicks over my giggle-box something fierce.

    Anti-rights nuts are almost-incessantly, even now, accusing us pro-rights webloggers of accepting money from the NRA for our blogging prowess. This, obviously, is not the case, but apparently it is the case with the Gun Guys – now that the money is not coming in, they have lost interest, and appear to be rolling up the carpet.

    Now that is just damned funny.

    Here we are, plugging away at our keyboards, and the best we can hope for is a little income from our advertisements. We do it because we believe in it, because we support it, and because we want to spread it. And there they sit, no longer getting the pittance of money they used to get from their masters, and now the game is over? *giggle* Yeah. Ok.

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