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As you probably already know some bloggers have been sued (for details see here, here, here, here, and here).

I don’t have problem with people enforcing their copyrights. But there is the concept of “fair use” which also needs to be taken into account. It is the general impression that the lawsuits do not recognize “fair use”.

The best plan of protection proffered so far (I have something else in mind that will take some more legal research) is to not link to any content from the offending news organizations (“blacklist” them).

Searching your blog for existing content that should be removed or edited is going to be dependent on the type of blogging software you use. Sebastian has something for WordPress.

Here is something to use with dasBlog software.

In private email Robb Allen reports if you have direct access to your data store you should be able to do something like:

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE postContent like ‘%{website}% OR postContent like ‘%{website2}%’ etc.

For future links I have created a web based utility that will check a link for you to see if it is on the blacklist. Some people got a preview of it last week. This morning I updated it so that it can handle heavier traffic and it looks a little prettier. Feel free to share it with whoever might have need of it.


One thought on “Automated blacklist checker

  1. Syntax on that is a little off. You missed a ‘ after the first %[website}%.

    Ultimately, that did not work for me as my database is laid out a little different…

    This did it for me.

    SELECT *
    FROM `wp_posts`
    WHERE `post_content` LIKE ‘’
    OR `post_content` LIKE ‘’
    OR `post_content` LIKE ‘’
    OR `post_content` LIKE ‘’
    OR `post_content` LIKE ‘’
    OR `post_content` LIKE ‘’
    OR `post_content` LIKE ‘’

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