Gun cartoon of the day

Ignoring the fact that guns don’t victimize anyone or anything the artist goes further and ignores the benefits of gun ownership. All the millions of instances each year where the use of a firearm prevented the loss or injury of innocent lives. All the food that has been put on the table using firearms. All the recreational use of firearms.

Nope. None of that is interesting to the artist. And if he is typical of the anti-gun people only the total number of deaths is interesting and furthermore it is implied that all deaths by firearms are to be considered a loss to society.

What a bigot.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Every death is a loss to society, every single one of them. There is no such thing as a “throwaway person.”

  2. So, Ubu, you’re against “life without parole” sentences? Seems to me such a sentence is simply tossing a human in a landfill to rot.

    Of course I 100% believe there are “throwaway people”, those who harm, rape and murder without remorse are both a danger and a detriment to civil society, plus we have enough people in the world who know how to act properly that I’m not to concerned about our legal system getting picky.

    And of course when an innocent person is threatened with death or grave harm (such as loss of limb, or rape) the only sleep I’ll loose if the attacker winds up in the morgue or a wheelchair is for the trauma to the victim.

  3. What if that sign had been promoting some big gay rights event? Despite the fact that the gay lifestyle has resulted in an epidemic of HIV and AIDS deaths? How would that fly with the liberal mainstream press?

    Or perhaps if the billboard promoted some big pharmaceutical convention? But, of course, all the busy urban parents who would rather dose their unruly kids up with Ritalin than just spend some time with them might get in an uproar, to consider that perhaps they should be taking some responsibility for their child’s antisocial (including violent, sociopathic) behavior.

    Nah. It’s easier to blame an inanimate object for society’s ills than it is to look inside. And UBU, there are throwaway people. What possible value does a Charlie Manson, Adolf Hitler, or Ted Kaczynski provide for society?

  4. Put some anti gun activist on the billboard. On the grave stone put, “Victims Made Defenseless by Gun Restrictions”. That would be more accurate.

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