Gun cartoon of the day

The NRA has never proposed any such thing.

The data shows the woman’s claim is wrong.

Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.

30,000 is the approximate number of people who die of gunshot wounds every year. This includes suicides, justified, and even praiseworthy homicide as well as murders.

Except for the number of people murdered at VA Tech, everything expressed as fact in the cartoon is either false or extremely misleading.

But it’s not about data. Or as more accurately, as one anti-gun person once told me, “I don’t believe your facts.”

“What facts do you have that you do believe?”, I asked. His response of, “I just don’t believe yours” ended the conversation but not for the reason he probably believed. Had I only slightly less restraint I would have had a momentary pleasure but would have gotten myself talked about.


2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. CDC statistics ( for 2007 show far more suicides (33185) than homicides (17520). Of these suicides, 17348 by firearm. Of these homicides, 12129 were caused by gunshot. An additional 30769 injury by firearm. 721 reported accidental discharges of firearms.

    In contrast, 22067 alcohol-induced deaths. 43098 deaths in motor vehicle accidents. STDs include 11061 deaths caused by AIDS, 7313 for viral hepatatis, 14535 due to ovarian cancer (unclear how many are caused by STDs). 40514 deaths to breast cancer, and 3 times as many to melanoma (158,258). 52389 deaths to pneumonia.

    If the interest were actually to save lives, the form wouldn’t ask if you are a habitual drunkard or have ever been convicted or a felony, it would ask if you have somebody you can talk to when you feel depressed. If the Brady Campaign cared about saving lives, they would focus on flu shots and mammograms. The mandatory firearm safety class would skip firearms safety in favor of teaching people how to apply sunscreen.

  2. BTW dunno if you’ve seen this Joe, but I’ve decided to start collecting violent crimes where the attacker did NOT use a gun, to collect under a category so people who see obsessed with “Gun Death” but meanwhile seem to ignore any other form of death or violence.

    When you really look at it, their obsession is quite sick.

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