Gun cartoon of the day

The artist’s familiarity with the facts is, at best, tenuous.

First off all of the NRA-ILA P.R. people I have dealt with have been beautiful young women, not overweight men. Second, those people just as horrified as anyone else about the tragic deaths of innocent people. And third, nearly all mass shooting happen in “gun free” areas with attempted mass shootings being stopped in the areas where people were allowed to defend themselves.

If the NRA had it’s way there would be far fewer “gun free” areas and far fewer mass shootings.


One thought on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. And here’s the direct, libelous equation between violent criminals and “gun owners”. Aside from some grotesque distortions presented in the bubbles, the gist of it is that the NRA is in control of homicidal mass murderers, and chooses to let them go wild.

    I’m not so sure about the NRA being against bare-fisted defense zones, though.

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