5 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Well, if we just change the title to “Libtard Solilioquy”… it still wouldn’t be very funny, but it would be a more accurate reflection of reality.

  2. Actually I rather like this one. The Author either intentionally or unintentionally seemed to have his finger on the pulse of the anti-gun debate. You’ll note no solid problem is declared. Just “Too Many Guns”, no explanation given. Also in all the dialogue there are no solutions presented, just talk. The dialogue repeats itself in the same infinite loop. Also you’ll note that in the given circle there is nobody who has a different opinion. Pro-Rights blogs have open comments and encourage debate, and often invite people who they disagree with in for debate. Meanwhile the vast majority of anti-rights blogs have closed or moderated comments so that debate and dissenting opinions can be squashed.

    And in the end nothing is accomplished. Hence the Maxim: “Gun control: Its what you do instead of something!”

    And its why we’re winning.

  3. Expanding on Weer’d’s point; there’s another element, and I’ve run into it many times in direct conversation with leftists. Cowardice. The artist is trying to appear thoughtful and open-minded by not offering specific solutions, or even a specific problem, when in fact there’s a clear and entirely one-sided state of mind there. If he were being at all honest he’d come right out and say he wants more gun restrictions. I have more respect for the blatantly bigoted cartoons. At least they’re honest depictions of the artist’s state of mind.

    The way I see this, it reads much like; “Too many Jews. Yes, too many. Lets get together and have a rap session about it. Oh, and we’ll do everything possible to appear all thoughtful and all, like, diverse and fair and stuff too. Yeah, that will play well in the public eye.”

    We all know there’s a Final Solution hiding in that brain somewhere, but the coward can’t be honest about it. The leftist mindset is oft afraid to acknowledge the raw hatred that motivates it.

  4. “Talking while doing nothing.” Could be said about a lot of things. Substitute “Illegal Aliens” or “Gun Laws” for “Guns” and it’s still the same cartoon. Everybody likes to talk but not many do anything.

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