Having an impact

Rob reports on something that gives me a warm glow.

Almost as rewarding is the Wikipedia entry for the Brady Campaign shows the membership as 50,500. Nice (you heard it here first)!

But then I noticed the link in the Wikipedia entry for the citation supporting that number no longer lists the number of members. Apparently the Brady Campaign didn’t like having the information being that public. It seems to you can request that information but the numbers are not public.

Hmmm… apparently I had an impact on them.

Well, it’s not as if Winston Smith from the book Nineteen Eighty Four is editing history in this case. It’s only the Brady Campaign attempting to implement Nineteen Eighty Four.

The Internet is forever and we have backups.


2 thoughts on “Having an impact

  1. Joe, you did a wonderful thing when you found those Brady membership numbers when they put their membership list up for sale. They must have thought no one would notice, and no one did, until you.

    I was happy to do my part and help you get wider exposure, but you did the work that counted. Now the true membership numbers are publically known and no matter how hard they try they can’t put that down the memory hole.

    Rob Reed

  2. Has anyone sent this new info to Morris Dees and his moronic minions at SPLC?

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