Quote of the day–Peggy Chenoweth

In all of the years since I have become an amputee, I can honestly say that I have can’t think of a more upsetting and humiliating experience than what I endured at the hands of TSA at the airport.

No person should be subjected to this level of humiliation.

Peggy Chenoweth
May 31, 2010
Humiliation… And Now I’m Angry
See also the video from a local TV station on the incident.
[H/T to an email from Breda.

Read the rest of the story to find out they peered into her four-year old’s diaper because he talked to his mother. Your blood will boil.

I also have a story to tell soon when I’m not so swamped with things at work. It’s from a cousin of Barb’s who works with explosive as part of her job. It’s about the time she has spent in jail, how the TSA ignores her blasters license, how she has missed planes, it’s terrible and it’s all for show. And, unfortunately, it’s all my fault.–Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Peggy Chenoweth

  1. Jerry Pournelle has nailed it.

    The purpose of TSA is to remind us that we are serfs, not Citizens. Salve, Sclave!

    Screw them. I’ll either drive there, or I won’t go.

  2. I think the ultimate irony would have been if the young lad had done something nasty in his pampers, particularly so had he done when the goon who copped a look at his privated peeked down said pampers. I mean they were looking for explosives, right?

    Would have served them right.

  3. Sorry about that the grammar in my reply, I’m still a little worked up over it and my typing couldn’t keep up with my thoughts.

  4. I left a coupla comments at Breda’s, and one at Peggy’s. (groaner pun nickname for an amputee)
    I mentioned invisible disabilities about which the TSA website is totally silent, that is, the neural ones. As someone who thinks he has a touch of the autitude (I sometimes describe myself as a half-aspie) I have had some problems with low-life doodahs wrongly granted a little bit of authority.

    I think that you, too, have mentioned that you have a bit of neural weirdness. I think it’s more of a feature than a bug, but the Bandar-Log don’t seem to see it that way.

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