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Last week I came up with what are probably fairly accurate membership numbers for The Brady Campaign. In the comments I also speculated that membership would support from five to ten full time staff members. Of course this ignores grants from organizations like the Joyce Foundation.

Today I was looking through a collection of pictures from their annual event. It looks as if there were 50 to 100 people present.

Here are the staff and board members identified:

  1. Drew Wynn (staff)

  2. Becca Knox (staff)

  3. Michael Wolkowitz (Board Chair)

  4. Paul Helmke (President)

  5. Caroline Brewer (staff)

  6. Bob Bates (board)

  7. Jon Lowy (staff)

  8. Melissa Reifler (staff)

  9. Molly Warren (staff)

  10. Alan Bennett (board)

Not pictured but who I believe to still be staff is Dennis Henigan. One or more of those pictured could be unpaid interns or part time. There might be others not pictured as well but at a minimum they have a staff of six plus their board members. So that is in close agreement with my earlier estimate.

Another observation from these pictures is the general age of the staff and supporters. One of things the gun community has been doing in recent years is youth outreach. This not something as easily done by the Brady Campaign and it shows in their ages versus what I see at the NRA meetings.

We are winning. Now lets drive them into political extinction.


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  1. Henigan works for the Brady Center, not the Brady Campaign. Legal work can be done under 501(c)(3), the Brady Campaign is a 501(c)(4). I’m also pretty sure that Brady board members are unpaid.

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