Canadian snow job

If you like to follow what is happening in Canada with their firearms registry you should read this.

The main points to remember from this are:

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) has come out swinging in support of keeping the costly and ineffective long-gun registry despite absolutely no evidence it has prevented or solved a single crime.

The “9,400 hits” figure for the Canadian Firearms Registry On-Line (CFRO) is deliberately misleading. Whenever police officers access the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) for any reason, such as for a simple address check, an automatic hit is generated with CFRO whether the information is desired or not. This is the case, for example, with the Toronto Police Service (5,000 officers), the Vancouver Police (1,400 officers), Ottawa Police Service (1,050 officers) and the BC RCMP (5,000 officers). Additionally, every legal purchase of a firearm generates three administrative hits to the registry; for the buyer, for the seller and for the firearm. Clearly, a hit on the Registry does not denote legitimate investigative use.

The gun controllers tout how many times a day the registry is “used” by police. But as seen above, the gun controllers in Canada just like in the U.S., have to use half-truths to make their case.


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  1. Cue Ubu with some BS about how it would work just fine if done here.

    Or maybe she’d just apply it to urban areas, because it would work THEN.

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