Quote of the day–Hoyt Axton

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls now

Hoyt Axton
From the song “Joy to the World” made popular by Three Dog Night.
[I’ve been having this ear worm of Three Dog Night singing this song play in my head since Wednesday. Maybe now that I have delivered another Boomershoot to the world it will stop.

David from Random Nuclear Strikes said it was the best Boomershoot ever. From my standpoint this was true. The glitches were fairly minor and things went nearly perfectly on schedule. Having Michael Bane’s film crew make requests slowed us down some at times but it was for a good cause.

As this ear worm playing I kept wondering… what does the Brady Campaign and the other organizations of gun owner haters have to offer that compares? Like Robb Allen said, “what gun controllers must do for entertainment – hit up the anti-gun range or go to an anti-gun show”. Boomershoot brought 125 people from all over the country to help turn money into noise. Sure, the VPC or the Brady Campaign turn money into noise too but the people spending the money are not happy doing it. We bring joy to the world and they bring hate and sadness.–Joe]


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  1. Another incredibly successful event, and yet againg hundreds of guns and gunners all in one place, and no one got shot, how is that possible? No one got blown up, either, even though there were literally TONS of explosives in close proximity to those guns!!

    Joe, many thanks for a successful and well run event!

    Looking forward to the pictures, the only ones I got were of the fireball and they are up on Youtube:

  2. I have a pile of video and pictures to go through. Total between pictures and video i have 1942 files weighing in at 15.5 gigs. I’m going to work on getting at least a couple videos up today.

    I forgot to say thanks Joe for letting me shoot the fireball. Usually you do it so it took me off guard.


  3. Got some pics with Ms Ella up on her blog, still working on the rest of the pics and the video from Thursday and yesterday.

    Didn’t get to stay the whole day, my knees started giving me heck and then the back decided to join in. But I had lots of fun and am going to try and participate next year. Everyone looked like they were having too much fun!

    (btw, for some reason I can’t post comments from home. If I am lucky enough to get the CAPTCHA code, it won’t take it then won’t give me a new code 🙁 )

  4. It is very satisfying to hit a boomer, see it explode, and then hear the heavy “boooom” seconds later. Hollywood entirely misses this as they believe they must deliver the sound along with the video, no matter the distance.

    What brought me the most joy however, was working as a spotter helping other shooters. When someone sits down with the rifle, all apprehensive about their chances of making a hit on that tiny target waaay out there, and within a few shots they connect, there’s that look of satisfaction and almost disbelief in what they just did. Explaining the scope’s reticle, the bubble level, where to hold depending on wind, all in a minute or two, and they get it. “Splash” I yell, and they turn around with a huge grin. Yeah; that’s fun right there.

  5. Lyle,
    I had the same experience as well. I had considerably more fun showing people trace, explaining holds, spotting for them, and the grin given was just as great as hitting a boomer.


  6. The helping others succeed is FAR more enjoyable than actually shooting a boomer, at least for me. Shooting boomers is fun, helping others shoot boomers is a whole different level of excitement. I think that is why it is so much fun to go with my sons!

    I suspect that is at least part of the reason that Joe seems to enjoy himself so much, he is the willing donor of great joy for so many!

  7. So with all the .50 BMG “Sniper Rifles” at Boomershoot, how many commercial Airliners were shot down?

    I’m surprised I didn’t read about it.

  8. Yeah; I saw a bunch of airliners travel overhead Sunday, and not one of them was hit enough times to bring it down. With this sort of talk, killing an elk at 100 yards with a spit wad from a soda straw comes to mind. 30K feet cruising altitude is what– around six miles? That’s just the height. Then there’s the range and the lead… Heh.

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