6 thoughts on “Starbucks comedy

  1. Good work by Kimmel. He broke every rule of gun safety, all while apparently being unaware there IS such a thing as gun safety!

    And all with the humor and sensitivity of an Obamacare blackface minstrel show!

  2. Written and performed exactly as every libtard Just Knows it happens.

  3. To be fair, it was over the top enough to reduce the whole issue, from the PSH side anyway, to ludicrousness.

    The video is, in essence, what anti-carry people claim will actually happen when restrictions are lifted/carry is allowed anywhere. The fact it palpably doesn’t, ever, opens that position to scorn when made so plain and reduced to absurdity.

    Think of it this way, a conversation between a hipster who watches Kimmel mock the issue and a bed-wetter.

    “OMG OMG, those nuts want to carry guns in Starbucks?!?!”

    “Heh, yeah, I saw it on Kimmel last night, everybody’s gonna be ordering at gunpoint. ‘Gimme a blueberry muffin!’ (points hand gangsta style)”

    “No, this is a serious issue.”

    “Right. Cause they’re gonna shoot you for saying hello at the door.”

    Humor is the foot in the door for irrelevency for this new generation, once you get them applying snark they stop really seriously opposing you, even if they don’t climb on board.

    The folks who are adamently opposing us politically are those who still “feel” (hippy style) without irony or knee-jerk cynicism. An aging breed.

  4. And don’t miss his intro. He makes it clear Starbucks is just abiding by state’s laws and they are right to do so. “The law is the law.”

    For youth culture, this is a big win.

  5. It’s taken me many years to get over being shocked and disgusted by every bit of comedy that poked fun at gun owners and gun rights. Some of it, of course, has been mean spirited and hugely biased. But sometimes it’s just plain funny, and I have to tell myself to get over it and just enjoy the laugh. Kimmel’s sketch is way funny, and definitely parodies all the GFW fears – win win.

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