All Hopey Changey in the UK

From Drudge.  Pet shop owner fined 1,000 pounds and charged criminally for selling goldfish to an under age buyer.  No one puts up any meaningful opposition.  I hope y’all like this sort of thing (and I’m sure some of you do) ’cause we’re getting more and more of the same crap here.

You have to hand it to the statist scum.  They do know their business.  Anything to keep the citizenry off-balance, distracted and afraid.  The question remaining unanswered is when and how the advocates of liberty will acquire the same sort of organization, audacity and clout.

We’re only about 80 to 100 years behind the statists in this war, give or take.  How long, you figure, will it take to catch up to a point where we’re on par?


4 thoughts on “All Hopey Changey in the UK

  1. Talked about it here:

    Pointed out the question of this animal welfare law covered why I bought goldfish when I was a teen. I fed them to my turtle for his health and well-being.

    Hell even if little Billy is buying goldfish, or even cats, just to stuff them in the microwave, that isn’t great, but is it something we need to trouble the police, the courts, and the penal system with?

    I mean its not like the UK is some glaring Utopia of public safety and shining morals….

  2. re ” I hope y’all like this sort of thing (and I’m sure some of you do) ’cause we’re getting more and more of the same crap here.”

    Yeah, here in the home of the brave… I have a neighbor whose husband passed on a few months ago. My family (mostly father in law but my wife, kids and I too) have been helping her with the sorting out that comes after a sudden surprising death. And during a memorial we had at our place many (MANY) neighbors renewed freindships that had dropped over time and made new friends. Most folks offered to help with her house and dogs. Last week she took a tumble and broke a bone, just moved to a nursing facility where one of the first questions was “do you have pets at home”. She honestly answered yes and they told her that animal services would be notified as “that isn’t legal in Washington”. Animal services actually came to her bedside and repeated the question, then asked for entrance to the house. Never mind that 7 or 8 people here are checking the house three times a day, that the dogs are walked twice a day and get social time with families and other dogs that they know in the neighborhood. Never mind that she as an individual is the only person qualified to run her life. They wanted permission to enter her home and remove the animals that are the closest thing to family she has left. Fortunately “no” still works (they retreated like vampires). But somewhere in our state a database popped a bit into a column next to her name and, technically, this “law” was “broken”. It’s ridiculous but even on things like this we have to push back for freedom. -Civil disobediently yours, Boyd.

  3. Ok, boyd, where in the home of the brave did this happen? You are not telling me that it is illegal to have pets Washington, D.C. or state? Are you?

  4. straight; It’s in there. Boyd says “Washington” and later refers to “our state”. Unless he slipped up, it would be clear he’s referring to Washington State, in the United States of America, Planet Earth, Sol One, Milky Way Galaxy.

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