Preventing violence

It always raises warning flags when I hear of someone wanting to prevent violence. This is no exception. They want to “figure out which people are genuinely dangerous” and “reach out” to them:

Rahr says the science to answer that question is available, and she’s asking the federal government for money to set up a pilot task-force program here that she hopes would serve as a model nationwide.

I am of the opinion that anytime the government starts “reaching out” to “prevent violence” it’s time for me to make sure my “reaching out” tools are in good working order.

[H/T to Chet who walked into my office this morning to tell me the cheery news.]


4 thoughts on “Preventing violence

  1. Electricity is inherently dangerous. That doesn’t mean you are better off eliminating it from society.

    I’ll save them some time. I’m generally dangerous. Luckily, you have to pass by a lot of signs like this to get to the dangerous part of me:

    Unfortunately, they’ve already busted all the locks, the safety door has been knocked off the hinges, and they are hovering a wet finger around inside chanting, “I’m not touching you…”

  2. Sir Mix-A-Lot was right…“King County cops don’t quit, even when a [gun owner]’s legit.” ;D

    Seems to be a lot of this type of thing happening lately. Dare I use the word ‘ominous?’

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