10 thoughts on “Spot the moron

  1. Not convinced there are any. Booger hooker off the bang switch, eyepro – well, if nylon counts as eyepro.

    So they have some loose belts of ammo draped around; it isn’t like they’re fed into the feed tray. I mean, H&K put ammo in the magazine wrong for the cover of the catalog. Talk about pro!

  2. Wildman7316 That’s crazy talk. Next you’ll be telling us the moon isn’t made of cheese :P.

  3. I’d say the dude who decided to take a photo of these delicate little choir boys isn’t too deft. I mean even if they don’t know how to load their guns I’m betting a machete is handy and might make you just as dead. And I certainly wouldn’t go out like that unless I was juiced up on goofballs, and high militants is never something good to be near.

    But maybe I over-thought that one….or Wildman beat me to it! : ]

  4. The pointy bits ARE supposed to point away from you. Interesting suicide device in this configuration, though. Also, even if the pointy bits were pointing the correct way, what happens to the belt (that is wrapped conveniently around the arms and neck) when it is fired? Suicide configuration #2? Wing-nuts…

  5. This is the reason I love to fight wars against third world drop outs and bad guys – Stupids die so much quicker, now if their victims would get some guns and guts there wouldn’t be enough bad boys to worry over.

  6. The only thing I see is the guy with the odd czech Uk vz. 59 MMG in 7.62x54R has a belt of 7.62×51.

    But that’s it.

    Also neither one is loaded, the Uk vz. 59 (the one on the left) feeds from the right side. And the FN MAG feeds from the left side.

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