Six million and one?

Sebastian pulled the number six million concealed carry permit holders out of the MSNBC story on concealed carry.

I wonder if that number is the sum of all the permits currently issued or the number of people with permits. I doubt that anyone was able to get a complete list of all the people with permits from all the states and remove duplicates. But they might have made some estimates.

In any case, daughter Kim called me up today to tell me she received her Washington State Concealed Pistol License (CPL) today.

So depending on how the numbers were tallied it could be six million and one licenses are now issued.


3 thoughts on “Six million and one?

  1. That is larger than previous estimates I’ve seen, but a plausible increase-Ohio had record numbers of licenses issued this year. Are there really that many of us with licenses from multiple states?

  2. for Christ’s sake don’t question Sebastian, he’ll just get all huffy (not huffman) and accuse you of threatening him with conversation. Don’t know if his numbers are right, just don’t trust him. But even an asshole serves a purpose, so he may have done something beneficial.

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