Free gun training for Starbucks employees

Nice! Free gun training at Front Sight Training Institute for Starbucks employees:

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is ranked among the best places in the world to receive firearms training and self defense training.

In support of Starbucks for not buckling to the hand-wringing gun-grabbers with the Brady campaign, Washington ceasefire and the million mom march, the Founder of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, has decided to award the employees at Starbucks a $2,000, four day defensive handgun course!

What can the Brady Campaign offer in return?

Gun owners have all the carrots. The Brady Campaign only has a stick.

Slightly off topic is that I have a similar deal (see the link in the right column?) that I need to take cash in on sometime. Any Starbucks employees or blog readers/writers want to attend the same class at the same time?


9 thoughts on “Free gun training for Starbucks employees

  1. I also have one of those certificates from hosting Front Sight links on my horribly neglected website. I have been trying (not too hard) to find someone interested in driving down and taking the class with me. It would be fun to take the class with you sometime.

    I assume you are interested in the pistol class? I’d like to take the UZI or select fire M-16 class just for fun; but I don’t think they would be very practical given current laws and it would be a bit spendy for the extra ammo required.

  2. I was originally thinking rifle of some sort. But pistol would be okay. Barb and I were thinking of flying down there. Round trip direct flights from Seattle are about $225/person.

  3. Last time I went I drove from Texas and came back with boxes full of once fired .38 and .45 brass. Haven’t had to buy brass or pick it up in over a year…. so nice.

  4. Heh. Free training vs. the anti-gun range or the anti-gun show. Brady fail. Heh.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Joe. Cannot say as though I keep up with the Front Sight weblog, and things like this definitely deserve attention.

    Gotta love the pro-rights side offering $2,000 worth of training, and the anti-rights side offering… nothing. Nothing more than headaches, stress, and annoyance.

    I wonder if they even realize that they ceded the high ground before they even started…

  6. Front Sight is ranked amongst the top three training courses in the world. This is a really good deal, and the employees of Starbucks would be very wise to take them up on this four day, $2,000 course! Nevada isn’t THAT far away!

    Everyone should sharpen their skills on a regular basis, but this is a good way to inform those who might not otherwise do so.

    Please carry the website with you ( and hand it to the next Starbucks Barista you see!

  7. Joe, I cannot recommend Front Sight enough to your readers. I just returned from the 4 day practical rifle course, have attended the 4 day handgun in the past, and will be down there again next month for the 4 day handgun course. Any offer they have is worth the price. I am a lifetime member with Front Sight, and don’t regret the money spent. The 4 day defensive handgun course is the best way to experience Front Sight for the first time, in my opinion. There were over 350 people attending courses when I was just there, and the majority were there for the Defensive Handgun training.

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