Nice satire

It’s nice to see stuff like this:

An unnamed accused serial rapist demanded tougher gun control laws from his hospital bed in suburban Philadelphia earlier today, just hours after being admitted by police for a gun shot wound incurred while attempting to assault a local woman. Lawyers for the alleged rapist charged their client was “the real victim of this assault,” and warned that easy access to legal firearms was “[Making] committing a rape or other violent crime nearly impossible in many suburban areas.”

“She shot me in the privates,” bemoaned the wounded accused. “I was just trying to hold her down so I could have my way with her without her consent, and she just shoots me in the privates! How and I ever going to commit a rape again?”

In addition to a complete ban on private gun ownership, the accused lawyers demanded an investigation into hate crimes allegations against the shooter who, allegedly, uttered disparaging comments toward her attacker of a racially insensitive nature, and unfairly questioned his sexual orientation during the attempted assault. “Some guy’s trying to rape her, and she attacks his sexual orientation? What more proof do you need that she’s dangerous and insane,” asked the lawyer.

There is quite a bit more. The writer pokes fun at the police and anti-gun activists too.


2 thoughts on “Nice satire

  1. All the Denver area school counselors are at the school today where Storm Eagle shot the two kids. They are probably telling the kids, “Well, they’ll get a few of you before you graduate but the number will be statistically insignificant compared to the total number of students.” So, just hang in there and study hard.” “And never, ever touch a wicked gun. They go off by themselves.”

    And in California and Florida, Orca trainers are being told about the same thing by grief counselors–“they’ll only eat a few of you. Just look at what you’re doing for Killer Whale-human relations. Your work is essential.”

    As Chief Dan George said in The Outlaw Josey Wales,
    “Endeavor to Persevere”

  2. One needs be told this was satire, otherwise it could be taken as a press release in new campaigns by The Brady Campaign and the VPC.

    I have heard each of them say just this kind of thing. And let’s not even talk about the hysterical loons who support them.

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