Another armed woman

Daughter Kim already has her Concealed Weapons License for Idaho. Yesterday she called me to verify how to get her State of Washington License to Carry Concealed Pistol.

She called back after applying and told me of their new electronic fingerprint scanner.

She should be legal to carry in Washington within 30 days.


8 thoughts on “Another armed woman

  1. Good for her!

    Snohomish Cty has the electronic scanner, I had my permit in hand in less than 10 days.

  2. My father had his 6 days after applying in Grant County, and that was using the old ink pad!

    Mine, in the same County, but issued through the city, took 4 times as long!!

  3. The Brady Campaign folks, or whatever it is they call themselves this week in an attempt to disguise their anti human rights agenda, are going to cry another tear);
    Blood will be running in the streets any moment now. It’s all due to paranoia. The cops would protect her so it’s not necessary. She’s obviously compensating for the size of her penis. This is all just a macho thing. This is because she feels threatened by our oppressive, paternal society. She’s been brainwashed by the NRA. Another unicorn is dying, lonely and forsaken in a golden meadow and no one cares. She’s taking the law into her own hands. It’s stuff like this that caused the earthquake in Haiti. This is going to add to the already deadly rate of global warming. She’s a terrorist-in-waiting. It’s Bush/Cheney’s fault. At any moment she could crack and start shooting people at random if she gets cut off in traffic. This is why the jihadists hate us. The world is now less secure as the greedy gun runners rub their hands together in glee. Women, children and minorities hardest hit. This will lead to increased deforestation in South America. Another polar bear dies. Another child starves. She’s a victim of the profit motive. All because we can’t progress beyond our current, out-dated world view. She’s overly fascinated by the tools of death and destruction, and with the discredited notion of individuality. She’s afraid of minorities. Someone will take her gun and shoot her with it. She’d be safer just doing whatever the most aggressive and violent people want her to do. This is an accident waiting to happen. Violence is never the answer. Sure; she’s a good person now, but…

    Did I miss any?

    Seriously though; Congratulations, Kim.

    The only thing wrong here is that we’re being required to ask for permission, be registered, and pay the paper-pushers, to exercise what was supposed to be a protected right. So it’s not enough that we have to protect ourselves from criminals, we have to protect ourselves from government also, by jumping through their hoops, or they get all pissed and come after us.

  4. But… but… but… guns are bad news for women!


    Congratulations to Kim, and congratulations to you and your wife for raising such a responsible individual!

  5. What county? Last time I got the WA permit in Whitman county they had the electronic machine, but it was not used due “to software.” I was a WA resident and I walked out with my permit in about 20 min.

  6. Congrats, Kim! And congrats, dad Joe!

    Don’t miss issue #5 of the American Gun Culture Report, which has a nice piece on how restraining orders make terrible kevlar for women threatened by nutzoid psychopaths.

    Next stop, Kim: your nearby UT CCW training class!

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