No Internet connection

Just a FYI.

My hidden, hardened, underground bunker lost it’s Internet connection yesterday afternoon and I haven’t bother to use alternate methods of checking my email. I did check the comments and add one here on the blog but generally don’t expect anything from me until I restablish normal communcations. This is expected to be sometime this evening after I get off work.

If something urgent comes up give me a call on my cell phone: 208-301-4254.

Update: After wasting about two hours of my life I have an Internet connection at my bunker again. I wish I could bill Comcast for my time.

Kelsey says, “Comcast is a Dick!” James had a longer explaination which is not worth repeating here.

And a word of advice to $@#!%^& people at Comcast from security professional…

Do not insist I turn off my firewall and connect my computer directly to the cable modem!

My inclination after doing this is to wipe the hard disk and reinstall the O/S.


1 thought on “No Internet connection

  1. Me, I just lie. “hold on… Yes, I’m plugged in and have dhcp’ed my laptop directly on your network. What now?”

    That said, you won’t believe how many people are stupid and have messed up their firewalls by unplugging them or their network cables, editing rules or IP addresses in a misguided attempt to lock things down or move things around. I’m not surprised that this is a common troubleshooting tactic. They aren’t used to people who speak tcpdump/arp/dhcp/bgp/ospf/etc fluently. 🙂

    Consider speakeasy. The last time I used them, they were a technical ISP for technical folks.

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