I love engineering

Kevin has the story.

I just want to add that my degrees are in Electrical Engineering but when I worked for the Aerospace Division at Boeing a lot of my time there was in the “Terminal Guidance Lab”. Now at Microsoft I work on “location for cell phones”. In my spare time I play with my chemistry set and make targets.

It’s almost as if Kevin was talking about my career.


3 thoughts on “I love engineering

  1. I do love being an Aerospace Engineer. And the pay ain’t half bad either.

  2. Engineering is a highly respectable profession. It makes civilized life possible for everyone else.

  3. Well they forgot Mining Engineering, no surprise there seeing how few there are (~7000 nationwide IIRC?). A friend of mine graduated last year and started out making somewhere north of $75,000 with great benefits and a four day work week (living on site). That’s not atypical at all in Alaska, at least, and my program has had 100% placement for something like 13 years running now. Sooooo aspiring engineers, take a look at mining? If you can’t grow it, you have to mine it, after all…

    There, I did my part for recruiting this semester.

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