Looking for a gun related job?

Are you out of work and looking for a job. Would something gun related make it more fun to go to work each day?

The Brady Campaign is looking for someone.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and its legislative and grassroots affiliate, the Brady Campaign and its dedicated network of Million Mom March Chapters, is the nation’s largest, non-partisan, grassroots organization leading the fight to prevent gun violence. We are devoted to creating an America free from gun violence, where all Americans are safe at home, at school, at work, and in our communities. We are searching for spring interns to assist us in our Research and Messaging and Marketing Departments.

Interns with the Research Department choose a specific research project to complete during the course of the internship in addition to pitching in on administrative tasks related to research, public affairs, or fund-raising.
Examples of research projects include summarizing research for our website and for our monthly Brady Research Update, short reports (2-3 pages) that are part of our Gun Laws Make A Difference series, e. g. explaining the impacts of gun control laws in California, New York City, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada and other projects.

Oh, there is something you should know–it’s an unpaid position. I guess working to infringe a specific enumerated right and risking prosecution for violation of 18 USC 241 doesn’t pay as well as working toward preserving and enhancing that right.

But you could have some fun with it. Check out the projects you could work on. I have some pointers to help you get started. There is even a picture of a Glasgow Smile you can use.


1 thought on “Looking for a gun related job?

  1. They can safely eliminate “research” from the job description. First, they don’t have the money because the fake charities–you know, the ones that launder contributions and funnel them to anti-liberty organizations–tend to lose donors before the real ones. Second, all the research they’ll ever need was done for free by the collection of brilliant legal minds that ultimately won the DC case.

    It’s a tough job keeping track of all the misleading or incomplete information used to deceive people. You’d think that it would be easier to distort the law to make it hostile for liberty, what with all the Gotcha! legislation passed specifically to harass and endanger self-defense advocates, but it remains hard work–especially now that broad and unconstitutional disarmament laws have fallen out of vogue.

    Boy, it all sounds awfully complicated. Maybe it’s time to fold.

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