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Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 10:39 AM
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One of the ways that the control nuts advance their agenda is by working the problem from all angles, it’s something we could do more of -and- it is tremendously effective. You don’t have to be on the streets with signs and OC (although, that’s one way to go) to show people the importance of restoring our freedom. One way you can do it in the second amendment arena is to simply go out and teach people about guns.

The safest, most effective and most fun way to do that is as a certified NRA instructor; as part of an instructor team. If you’re curious about it I would be glad to answer any questions I can. It’s something I’ve been enjoying for about ten years now. You -may not- discuss politics during class but you don’t need to, the people there are seeing you lead by example. Which makes a nice contrast to the folks at Brady campaign in every way imaginable.

If you know any proficient shooters in the NW I’d appreciate you letting them know about this and about the NRA instructor development workshop that will be held at Kenmore range (Wa) January 15th to the 17th. Some details are here: ( ) or just email me any questions you have. Information/location of NRA instructor classes nationally can be found at:

-Boyd Kneeland EVC wa-08, NRA TC, EKC Friends of NRA committee etc (working as many angles for freedom as family and work life allows…)

Boyd’s email address is “boyd AT”


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  1. Joe, thanks for putting that up! And also thanks to Ryan for following up about the IDW with me and letting me know this was here. I read VFNCI all the time but slacked off over the weekend. The main thing that got me going about this was just the fun that I’ve had teaching. So it’s nice to look back at IDWs and think that at least some of those folks are getting the same rewards. Thanks for posting this Joe. -Boyd

  2. Boyd,

    You are welcome. You have done so much for RKBA over the decade or more than I have known you. Anytime you have something that I might help publicize to further the cause let me know.

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