Quote of the day–Professor D.

You would be a fool to compete with Xenia.

Professor D.
November 16, 2009
Professor of Art History at the University of Idaho
This was to a student that got 87% on a test and whined to the prof that Xenia won a bet on who would get a better test grade. Xenia got a 112%.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Professor D.

  1. Xenia got a 112%.

    Which sorta explains why Prof D. is in art history and not a, you know, uh, a rocket scientist! {;>)

  2. Reno Joe beat me to it. I figured it was obvious that this wasn’t a math class. Yeah, yeah, extra credit and all that, we know. 😉 Congrats to Xenia.

  3. There were bonus questions that made 113% possible. Xenia got all the bonus questions but missed one of the regular questions.

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