Put a bullet in it

They are getting closer and closer:

Opponents of a long-gun registry in Canada are about to put a bullet in it.

Both sides of the gun-control debate believe the Conservatives now have enough Commons votes to give parliamentary approval in principle to a private member’s bill to kill the registry for rifles and shotguns.

Hoeppner said the registry is a waste of $2 billion – referring to the cumulative costs over more than a decade of setting up the licensing and registration system for firearms in Canada.

Just think of all the other things that $2 billion could have been used for that would have been effective in making people safer. More police officers, better equipment, more jails, or even training programs for “people at risk” of committing crimes.

Instead they spent $2,000,000,000 on something that didn’t register all the guns, and couldn’t accomplish what they promised had it succeeded in it’s goals.

If they can actually put this rabid dog down it will be a long time before new firearms registration schemes will be given serious consideration in the U.S.


2 thoughts on “Put a bullet in it

  1. A lot of IT consultants, who supported the liberals, got filthy rich from the registry. I mean 1 billion dollars to implement a name and address database? Then another billion to maintain it for a decade?

  2. Now they just need to continue on and get rid of the handgun registry & ban.

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