On our way

Barb and I made it through A Security Theater and are now waiting at the gate ready to board our flight to Orlando.

I’m wearing this shirt:

It seemed to get a smile from one of the TSA agents. I wonder if it was because he agreed with it or because he knew I wasn’t carrying at the time–he and his co-workers had defeated me for the moment.


5 thoughts on “On our way

  1. That’s funny. I like it.

    Keep a count on how many ComLib leftist panties you get into a twist, and let us know.
    I just KNOW you’re going to get at least one gun-grab reaction.

  2. You better re-think that. It might offend someone or make someone uncomfortable, and you know the last thing on Earth we can accept in a struggle for liberty is someone on our side who offends even one person or makes anyone uncomfortable in any way whatsoever at any time. That’s just plain mean. That’ll only feed the fire of anti-gun sentiment, scare legislators and make them pass more restrictions. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. The last thing we should ever do is actually fight for our rights, because in so doing we allow ourselves to be portrayed as fighters. People don’t like fighters. Fighters are scary and they make people uncomfortable. We will surely lose our rights if we fight for them. How dare you take your desire for rights and turn into something political. Don’t you know that could alienate some people– people that we need to have on our side? How selfish can you get? Well, thanks a lot for putting our whole cause in jeopardy.

  3. You got the smile because it is very likely the officer agreed with the sentement on your shirt. As an officer, (not agent) with the TSA, I just wanted to say that most of the people I work with at my airport are patriotic, freedom loving Americans. Retired and former military, law enforcement, firefighters, ect..Several of my co-workers are CCW holders, like myself, and firearms enthusiasts. Very few of us are happy with the current political climate, but we believe the job we’re doing is important. All of us swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States when we accepted our jobs(similar to the one I took when I joined the Army 20 years ago) The biggest problems with TSA are at the top. Also, it’s important to remember that the TSA hires for its airports from the local area, so your experience is going to be different going through Detroit, compared to Manchester, NH.

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