Popularity contest

The Brady Campaign has a few different Twitter accounts:

Compare that to a few gun bloggers:

In terms of followers I’m the least popular of the gun bloggers listed above and even I give the Brady Campaign a run for their money in raw numbers. Subtract out the pro-gun people following the Brady bunch and this professional organization with a multi-million dollars budget can barely keep pace with me hunkered down in my hidden, underground, bunker banging away on my keyboard in my spare time.

Now lets take a look at the NRA on Twitter:

The Brady Campaign is the largest and most well known anti-gun organization in the U.S. and my daughter (18 following, 55 followers, 567 Tweets) is nearly as popular as they are. With that kind of following what sort of political pull do you think they have? Yeah, I think they know the answer too.

It’s no wonder people are suggesting it’s time for them to consider a fifth of Jack Daniels and a 30 count bottle of Ambien (see also the suggestions here and here).


14 thoughts on “Popularity contest

  1. Hell, even my sorry arse is just one follower behind you, and still I am more popular than three out of their five feeds. That said, I am fairly certain that most “followers” are nothing more than spam accounts looking to spread theirn particular tweets, but that phenomena is probably equally distributed across all parties. I do have to admit, though – I find it quite amusing that their main account was suspended…

    While not authoritative, Google Reader will also tell you how many poeple subscribe to their RSS feeds by means of itself, so that might provide some interesting statisics too.

  2. Great News! We do seem to be finally winning this. We still have a lot of work to do but at least the tide seems to have turned. . . .

  3. I’m 153 followers. Another thing is that I think we are all pretty diligent about weeding out spam followers. I don’t know how much the gun control folks weed out their followers.

    I should also note that most of their followers are us. I follow most of the Brady feeds, and also @ProtestEasyGuns

  4. So you are. Fixed.

    I went through and verified all the other numbers so things should be pretty close now. “Stop the NRA” just dropped from 199 to 120.

  5. Computers and the internet. THE great democratic equalizer, leveler and disperser of newz and views. Don’t need a large budget (staff, paper, printer, stamps, envelopes, etc) and lots of time to get your opinion out there. God Bless!

    This is why the gun-grabbing left has to resort to trickery, deceit, conflation, and lies in order to get anything that they want done. They can’t stand up in a face-to-face confrontation in the free marketplace of ideas.

    Keep up the good work and newz, all’ya’all.

  6. if you want to follow them without inflating the number of followers, just put the rss for them into your feed reader. You get to keep up with them, they don’t get to count you.

  7. Wow.

    Popularity contests.

    How… junior high school. 🙂

    You forgot to look into how many friends they all have on Facebook. 😉

  8. “They can’t stand up in a face-to-face confrontation in the free marketplace of ideas.”
    Which is why they so need to do something about us.

    Popularity contests are jr. high school only when we do it. When the Left does it, which they do all the time, it’s to show how “mainstream” they are, even if they have to fake the figures. We on the other hand spend the vast majority of our time arguing the substance of the issues and principles. Nice try though.

  9. We are winning both the people and in the legislature despite the Messiah being in office.

    Now is the time to attack and attack hard.

  10. I noticed STOPTHENRA deleted all of their tweets. I know when I visited there a few weeks ago, they were big into getting that idiot elected as DA in New York and they were trying to make it a referendum on the NRA by supporting him. Problem was, they had hundreds of replies against them. Guess they didn’t like their tweets.

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