Quote of the day–Kevin Kerkam

Take a tactics class, do some scenario-based training, but don’t buy yet another gizmo expecting that it will somehow solve a problem better dealt with by behavior-based training.

Kevin Kerkam
October 8, 2009
Comment to Concealed Carry Identifiers
[This reminds me of when I first started working for Microsoft and participated in pistol shooting leagues. Almost everyone at MS that were in one of the leagues would get involved in on-line discussions about what gun and/or ammo would be best for the league. They had more money than time and tried to throw money at a training problem. I was shooting my Ruger P89 (see the web page of my activities at the time here). I shot in two and sometimes three league matches a week, practiced before every match, and took numerous classes. After a couple years the other guys were debating if they should buy another $2K gun and I had 30K rounds through my pistol and was winning most of the matches. I finally did buy the $2K STI when I was certain the pistol was holding me back.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Kevin Kerkam

  1. I followed the link to STI. I’ve seen my dream, a high-cap 1911-style .45. Too bad it costs too damn much. Near $2k, just for the basic gun. I’m sure it’s worth it, but I can’ty afford it – yet.

  2. It looks to me like the C.C.I’ers. are trying to get themselves registered instead of the gun and of course it’s a look at me, look at me deal also.

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