I wonder what tomorrow will bring

Bitter and Sebastian are teasing us on Twitter:

bitterb Oh wow. I just did a little Googling and found a pretty sizeable story on MAIG. Wait until tomorrow kiddies…

SebastianSH Sometimes in politics, the prairie dog sticks his head out of the hole and presents an easy shot. Tomorrow we eat prairie dog stew!

I’m looking forward to it. I expect it will appear here.

Update: It’s out, “That’s right, Nacheman admitted that in his position with MAIG, he also represents the Brady Bunch and that they both seek to accomplish the same agenda.”


One thought on “I wonder what tomorrow will bring

  1. If you have any other PA readers, there’s the extra nugget that Nacheman has direct access to the State Police Commissioner who has decided to use his position to advance gun control that not even the ATF or FOP supports. Oh, and the Colonel was advocating that municipalities break the law. That’s always nice. But we kept that information mostly at PAGunRights just because it was so PA specific and not nearly as juicy to a broad audience as the from the horse’s mouth confession by Nacheman that he also represents the Brady Campaign.

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