Montana only guns lawsuit

My lawyer friends tell me it’s going to be good for a laugh to see the Feds twist and turn a little bit but not much more. I hope they are wrong but I do enjoy laughing. Have your popcorn and soft drinks ready by October:

The man who helped write the bill that exempts federal regulation of Montana made firearms says that the idea is gaining support around the country.

The state legislature passed the Montana Firearms Freedom Ac during its last session and now the Montana Shooting Sports Association plans to file a lawsuit on October 1st.

The suit will challenge the authority of Congress to regulate Montana manufactured guns, accessories and ammunition that stays in the state according to Montana Shooting Sports Association President Gary Marbut.

Last month the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms sent out a letter stating that the federal law still applies in Montana.

Marbut says that ATF acknowledgment will help the Montana Shooting Sports Association gain standing in its lawsuit.


8 thoughts on “Montana only guns lawsuit

  1. Bring a lunch. And dinner. This is going to be a BIG dance.
    And don’t forget the radar, to be able to look through the BAT-F**Ks smoke and mirrors.

  2. Until Montana has it’s own Firearms license for businesses, the current dealers are all “Federal” firearm licenses and they have to abide by federal law. Now Montana can make by statute that to buy and sell firearms in Montana does not require a license by the state and then they porvide waiver or immunity from suit.

    I do no know what firearms that are only built in Montana. But a manufactureer need a FFL to build firearms and rare is a manufactuer that only wants to restrict themselves to the in state market only.

  3. If a manufacturer holds a current FFL, then all Federal laws apply. Get the license, get the chains that go with them.
    The ticklish part will be for a non FFL holder to manufacture firearms for sale within Montana only without running afoul of the BATFE goon squad.

  4. Didn’t the media, and much of the democratic congress just loudly proclaim that firearms regulation is a states rights issue? Seems the recent defeat of and commentary on the Thune amendment would indicate that congress should quickly embrace a law giving states the right to exempt themselves from federal regs. Unless of course they were hypocrites.

  5. It’s time to take back control from the Fed’s. We’ve lost so much already.

  6. I’m betting against MSSA on the standing issue. The judge will merely say “you haven’t yet suffered substantial harm, therefore you have no standing.”

    Saw it too many times. I wish I was wrong, but I really doubt this will be any different than all those other times I witnessed travesty because the complainant had yet been screwed over, but must be willing to be before he can seek redress.

  7. Too bad folks can’t understand SNBI, if they did the ATFU and all the “chains” that go with fed permits would be out the door. Even if that were to be the case they’d find some kind of OSHA or EPA crap could be used against it somehow.

  8. Excellent point, Ron. States’ rights is only a convenience for modern day Democrats, not a dogma. Let’s push ’em on it. Go Montanans!

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