Not getting their moneys worth?


An Iowa group once active in lobbying for gun control has disbanded after losing a major grant. The November 1st coalition began after the November 1, 1991 shootings on the University of Iowa campus and was later renamed Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence.

Honey says most recently the group has relied on volunteers to lobby the legislature. “There was a grant with the Joyce foundation for a period of close to a decade from the mid 90s well into this decade, and that funding did end,” Honey said.

I wonder if the Joyce Foundation is cutting back on all their anti-gun funding or just some of them. Could it be they weren’t getting their moneys worth from the Iowa group? I wonder if they are happy with the results of their grants to the Violence Policy Center, The Gun Guys, and The Brady Campaign. The Heller decision must be quite the “bone in their throat”.


3 thoughts on “Not getting their moneys worth?

  1. I expect their investment portfolio is getting just as hammered as everybody else’s. They probably have less than half their previous income.

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