4 thoughts on “They sound reasonable to me

  1. Joe,

    Thanks for the link and the agreement on the validity.

    Heck, thanks for reading my blog in the first place 🙂

  2. I’ll say one thing: Bob can sling the numbers with the best of ’em. I find the 2.5 million figure totally unreasonable. One of these days soon I’ll do a post about it. But, what I’ve noticed is that you gun guys are predisposed to support each other, whether it’s about wild stats or your method of attacking the anti-gun enemy.

  3. The facts support each other. That same question (“How often is a gun used defensively in the U.S.?”) has been the subject of at least a dozen studies over the last 15 years by numerous researchers. They all come up with very similar results. It may not be 2.5 million/year but it is at least on the order of 1.0 million–much greater than the number of crimal injuries committed with firearms each year.

  4. As I said on Bob’s blog, I believe even the DoJ study (done during the Clinton years) came up with a figure of somewhere around 500,000. The real question is how many times does it happen and nobody reports it even if asked? And how were these studies conducted.

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