Maybe they are listening

I know the Brady Campaign people sometimes read the gun blogs, including mine, so maybe they actually are listening to some of their critics. From todays blog post by Paul Helmke:

Keeping this in mind, there is an immediate economic and public health crisis in America that, so far, both the President and Congress have chosen to ignore: approximately 12,000 gun homicides, 17,000 gun suicides, 650 accidental gun deaths, plus 70,000 non-fatal gun injuries occur every year in this country.

Do you notice anything unusual about those numbers? They are breaking out the suicides and accidents from the homicides. This is not their normal modus operandi. Usually it’s just “30000 gun deaths per year”.

It’s a step in the right direction Paul. Thanks.

Now if you would just break out the justified and praiseworthy shootings we might be able to have a “meaningful dialog” about the utility of guns in society.


2 thoughts on “Maybe they are listening

  1. You know, the scales have done fell from my eyes. That Miter Helmke make a whole lotta sense. Startin’ tommorrow, I won’t kill anyone with a gun. Instead, I will beat them to death with a baseball bat. Slowly.

    Feel better, Paul?

  2. “Meaningful dialog” means the Helmkes of the world lose. I’m surprised they’d take a step, however small, in that direction.

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